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15 Jan 2018

Kent Wedding Photography – How Much Does It Cost?

Kent Wedding Photography – How Much Does It Cost? Wedding photography is one part of your celebration where it’s advisable not to go cheap. We’re not saying every couple should spend exorbitant amounts on parts of their wedding if it’s not important to them, but photography really is one part where it pays to spend more than you might think. After all, you’ll be looking back on these photos for a lifetime to come, and as such, the memories of […]

10 Jan 2018
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Kent Wedding Advice

Kent Wedding Advice – we’ve posted a lot of information over the years for our clients and the public in helping to plan their weddings in Kent, London, and beyond… We’ve decided to create a handy post here with the most read advice articles and our editor’s favourites for you to browse at your leisure.  More articles, as always, are on the way… Kent Wedding Advice – 15 Articles of Tips & Tricks Advice for Planning Weddings in Kent, London, […]

01 Jan 2018
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Why Wedding Awards Mean Nothing

Why Most Wedding Awards Mean Nothing  As Kent Wedding Photographers with lots of tips and tricks to share, we’re always trying to inform and educate our clients (and the public at large) as to that crazy industry that is ‘the Wedding Industry’ in that short but crucial time which is your wedding planning. One issue we’ve circled many times is that of wedding awards, something that comes up time and time again. Finally, we’re going to lift the lid on wedding awards […]

22 Dec 2017

Hair & Make-Up Artists – FAQ and Interview with Sharon M Harris of Adornare

Are you looking for a hair and make-up artist for your wedding in Kent, London, or the South-East?  Don’t know where to start or even what to consider?  We managed to get an interview with Sharon M Harris, principle and head make-up artist at Adornare Hair & Beauty based in Maidstone.  We asked the kinds of questions our clients often ask, as well as stealing a few insider tips and tricks when hiring a Kent Make-Up Artist. All you need […]

23 Nov 2017
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The 4 Wedding Photography Styles – Making The Right Choice For Your Wedding Day

The 4 Wedding Photography Styles – Making The Right Choice For Your Wedding Day   No choice you make for your wedding day has more implications than that of who you choose to document your most special day for a lifetime to come. We have lots of articles about choosing your ideal wedding photographer and today we want to focus on wedding photography styles – as this is a fundamental aspect in choosing your wedding photographer in Kent, London, or […]

05 Nov 2017
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Five pitfalls to avoid when planning your wedding

Recently in Kent we’ve had a major Kent Wedding Venue as well as a major Kent Wedding Photographer separately let lots of couples down in a huge way; the first by going into administration and creating a nightmare for brides letting them down (sometimes last minute), whilst the Kent Wedding Photographer who was recently jailed for having indecent images of children was perhaps even worse as this supplier had been taking deposits for weddings he knew he could never shoot right […]

23 Oct 2017
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How Soon Should I Book My Wedding Photographer?

As top Kent Wedding Photographers we love to share our tips and tricks for weddings across Kent, Essex, London, and beyond… Whether it’s information about the best Kent Wedding Venues, or even what to do during your first dance, we have lots of information we love to share… When To Book Your Wedding Photographer We’ve mentioned many times before when looking for the best wedding photographer that usually the best ones are booked up 1-2 years in advance.  Often if you are looking to […]

07 Oct 2017
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How To Share Wedding Photos On Facebook And Online

How To Share Wedding Photos Online   “The more we share, the more we have…”  Leonard Nimoy A world-class Wedding Photographer doesn’t just hand over a disk or USB images to you and then wave you on your way, no – they are with you throughout your enjoyment of those images. Whether it’s ordering prints, canvases, album design, or even sharing images to Facebook – a good wedding photographer cares about your images and the way you use them. As such we’ve […]

26 Sep 2017
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Wedding Photography FAQ 2017

From which Wedding Venues to consider, to what to look for in a wedding photographer – we’re asked lots of questions by our clients and potential clients about how to get fantastic wedding photography. There are so many things to consider when choosing a wedding photographer for your Kent or Essex wedding, or even abroad, so we’ve answered some of the most common FAQs here for you… Frequently Asked Questions 2016-17 Why should I choose Mykey Day Photography for my wedding? As a full […]

17 Sep 2017
wedding photography in Rome outside the vatican, groom dips bride with bouquet as cyclist passes in background, rome destination wedding photography

Getting Married in Rome

We’ve mentioned before how Rome, AKA ‘The Eternal City’ is a fairytale destination wedding location with so many opportunities for beautiful wedding photography. With so many stunning locations for wedding photos, you might be lost and not know where to start planning your Roman Wedding! Having visited Rome several times over the last few years for weddings, pre-wedding shoots, and timeline consultations / wedding venue consults, we’ve picked up a few tips & tricks we present to you here as our quick guide […]