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20 Sep 2022

Newly Engaged Tips & Tricks

Newly Engaged Tips & Tricks – Common Mistakes For Newly Engaged Couples To Avoid   Congratulations! You’re Engaged to be married! Now what…??!? We know there is no manual for getting married so see below for a starting point to your big wedding day!    How To Get A Headstart On Planning Your Perfect Wedding Day Still Looking For A Venue?! Check Out These tips! There’s a lot to consider when booking a venue, whether it’s accommodation, location, style, staffing, […]

03 Jun 2022

Timeline Meetings FAQ 2022-23

Timeline Meeting FAQs!   With so many new and rescheduled weddings coming up in 2022, we are struggling to fit in all our timeline meetings in time! Nonetheless we find it crucial to meet our clients at their venue ahead of their big wedding day – read below to see why….   Click here for The Basics on Timeline Meetings and Venue Walkarounds We already have an overview in detail of what timeline meetings are at the link about! Why […]

02 Feb 2022

Wedding FAQs 2022 | Planning a Wedding

Wedding FAQs 2022 – Planning to Get Married?   As 2022 begins it’s important that your wedding planning is the absolute best it can be! As such we’ve attached a bunch of wedding tips & tricks based on the kinds of conversations we are having with newly engaged couples this year…   Common Mistakes We Are Seeing Newly Engaged Couples Make in 2022   The ‘New Normal’ seems to be booking cheap and booking late – and what’s worse is […]

12 Jan 2022

New Normal Wedding Planning – Things You Are Doing Wrong!

New Normal Wedding Planning – Things You Are Doing Wrong! In February 2021 we’ve compiled a list of all the common mistake we see couples are making when planning their wedding. Booking Your Wedding Suppliers Far Too Late More and more we are seeing couples leave booking their wedding suppliers to the last minute! The problem is, what they think is ‘last minute’ and what the wedding industry considers ‘last minute’ are vastly different things.  Many couples think they can […]

06 Apr 2021

April 2021 News Update | Covid Weddings – Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography & More

April 2021 News Update | Covid Weddings – Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography & More

02 Mar 2020

Will Coronavirus Affect Your 2020 Wedding? Its More Than Likely

Corona Virus Preparation We’ve had more than a few requests for information regarding Corona Virus preparation for upcoming weddings.  When your wedding costs as much as it does IT’S ONLY PRUDENT TO PLAN!  We have taken every precaution possible and are as prepared for this as we are for all viruses and interruptions to service we are likely to encounter… But… BUT ARE YOU PREPARED?!?! Corona Virus is far more likely to affect your wedding than you think…  Already countries […]

31 Oct 2019

Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs 2019-20

Wedding Photography & Videography FAQs 2019-20 We just booked you – what do we do next? Firstly – read this FAQ. – TICK Well done! Secondly, do read over your contract and ensure it meets your requirements and needs.  As we will have explained to you there is a two week cooling-off period (by law) that we strongly suggest you take advantage of. Do make sure that what you have purchased is exactly what you want, meets your needs and […]

01 Oct 2019

Great Wedding Photos In The Rain

Being a great wedding photographer means that you don’t just take great pictures on beautiful sunny days, but you also make stunning pictures on rainy days. A lot of planning and thought goes into your wedding photography with Mykey Day Photography, but as much as we’d like to we can’t control the weather!  Please find below some tips on how to make the best of your wedding day, whatever the weather! Getting Amazing Wedding Photographs on Rainy Days On a wedding day […]

30 Sep 2019
Kent and London wedding photographer presents deluxe Black Label Wedding Albums, handmade in Italy with a wide variety of colours, leathers, silks, and other options, extra large wedding album with parents copies and parent albums in presentation box

Christmas Album Order Deadline 2019

As mentioned in our previous article on Luxury Wedding Albums, our albums are hand-crafted in Italy with great love, care and attention. As such, they don’t arrive overnight! Our albums can take 6-8 weeks, so to avoid disappointment for Christmas we’re announcing the Christmas cut-off deadline for guaranteed Christmas arrival. Christmas 2019 Wedding Album Deadline Our 2019 Christmas Deadline for albums is October 22nd. In order to guarantee your album is ordered in time for you to receive your album […]

07 Sep 2019

Kent’s Best Wedding Videography Now Available | Mykey Day Videography

We’re so excited to announce than in addition to internationally acclaimed Wedding Photography – we are now able to offer world-class wedding videography in Kent, London, and beyond!  Come join us on this exciting new chapter… Kent’s Best Wedding Videography Now Available | Mykey Day Videography Dramatic and stunning wedding Cinematography from world-class Wedding Photography studio Mykey Day Photography. Our video comes in 4K as standard with a cinematic Fine-Art approach for timeless wedding videography that continues to stun and […]