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29 Jan 2019

How To Nail The Best Man Speech At A Wedding

How To Nail The Best Man Speech At A Wedding  So you’re the “BEST MAN” ey?  What a privilege, but with great honour comes great responsibility.   We could tell you lots of wedding horror stories where the best man speech went terribly wrong – but we don’t want to scare you (too much 😉 ) – so here’s our guide to nailing that best man’s speech at your friend’s wedding, so much so that you’re carried out from the wedding […]

01 Jan 2019

How Long Should A Wedding Speech Last?

How Long Should A Wedding Speech Last?   The wedding vows have been spoken, your wedding photographer has taken all your fantastic wedding photos, an your spectacular food has been eaten – and so we approach what is for some the most entertaining part of your wedding day – the wedding speeches!  Fun, funny, entertaining… Or they can drone on and on…  So how long should your wedding speeches be? Big Tip – If you’re getting married, whether you’re worried […]

17 Mar 2018
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Why Your Ceremony Time is Wrong

Why Your Ceremony Time is Wrong We’ve mentioned here many times before that there is no ‘wedding manual’ for getting married, and often those getting married rely on either ‘tradition’ or their wedding venue and suppliers to let them know what on earth to do! However, there is one important place where you could be losing out because you may not know any better – and that’s the timing of your ceremony and wedding breakfast on your wedding day! Why […]

01 Jan 2018
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Why Wedding Awards Mean Nothing

Why Most Wedding Awards Mean Nothing  As Kent Wedding Photographers with lots of tips and tricks to share, we’re always trying to inform and educate our clients (and the public at large) as to that crazy industry that is ‘the Wedding Industry’ in that short but crucial time which is your wedding planning. One issue we’ve circled many times is that of wedding awards, something that comes up time and time again. Finally, we’re going to lift the lid on wedding awards […]

12 Jun 2017

The Four Types of Wedding Photographer

The Four Types of Wedding Photographer Wedding Photographers come in all shapes and sizes; from the have-a-go-hero to the full-time professional, from the weekend-warrior to the jack-of-all-trades… Each one has their pros and cons, and finding the right one for you can be a balancing act against these factors. But we find often most clients don’t even realise there’s a difference! We feel it’s important to educate the public about our profession, so please see below for our guide on […]

03 Apr 2017
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17 Rules For Your Wedding Guests

Weddings in Kent and beyond are often plagued by stressed brides who have regretted inviting certain people or who have suffered with family and guests and their bad behaviour. If you’re brave – we’re daring you to print out this (tongue-in-cheek) list and e-mail all your wedding guests today 😉 17 Rules For Your Wedding Guests Don’t Get in the Photographer’s Way There’s a reason we put this one first! So you have a nice camera? Done a few courses? […]

20 Mar 2017
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Top Ten People NOT to invite to your Wedding!

Working on the guest list for your wedding? Too many people to invite your gorgeous Kentish wedding? We’ve got a few (tongue-in-cheek) suggestions for people you can leave off your list! Let’s not forget a wedding is very expensive, and every wedding guest is another expensive mouth to feed – so let’s see if we can decide who you can safely leave OFF your wedding guest list 😉 Top Ten People NOT to invite to your Wedding! Oh and please remember, […]