Botany Bay Pre-Wedding Engagement Photography | Sammy & James

Botany Bay Engagement Pre-Wedding Photography

Sammy & James were super excited about their engagement session photography ahead of their big wedding at Westerham Golf Club.  We discussed many locations and Sammy searched for the perfect place to practice ahead of their big day.  Eventually after a lot of research Sammy decided on the wonderful Botany Bay in Kent for some spectacular pre-wedding photos ahead of their big day.

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Sammy & James’ Engagement Photography

Sammy & James saw our photos on instagram and we were so honoured when they asked us to come see them about their big wedding at Westerham GC on Valentines Day next year!  We discussed the best way to get those fantastic photos Sammy had dreamed of for her wedding and we suggested they would get a lot of benefit from an engagement session – from knowing what to expect from your photographer to knowing exactly what to do on the wedding day, there’s every reason to do an engagement session and no reason not to!

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Sammy took full advantage of our blog posts and ideas, reading everything and turning up with multiple dress ideas as well as smoke grenades!  This always makes for much better photos when our clients come prepared and also understand what is needed to achieve some world-class photography.  So much so, that James even grilled Mykey over how the off-camera-flash worked in order to better understand how to get the best photos possible!  This is the kind of commitment and interest we love to see in our clients!

Sammy & James’ Pre-Wedding Photography in Kent at Botany Bay

Please see below for our favourites from their beautiful pre-wedding photography…


Kent Wedding & Engagement Photographer Mykey Day

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