A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook


Wedding-day wardrobe malfunctions, missed photos – or photos of things you won’t be able to share from your wedding – don’t fall prey to these wedding day disasters that will ruin your re-tweet-ability!

1. Rushed Photos

Not allowing enough time for photos is bad enough, but then rushing through all the photos is even worse.  If you want wedding day photos where no one is looking the right way, or we see more of the back of your head than the front – make sure to pad your wedding day timeline with more than enough time for photos.

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Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Best-of-2018-Blog-Posts-Kent-Wedding-Photography-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-342 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

2. Huge group shot lists and ‘must-have’ photos from wedding bloggers who know nothing about real weddings

We know your wedding is super exciting and you’ve read alllllll the blogs – but please believe us when we tell you that most of these articles are just keyword stuffed nonsense recycled by people who don’t attend weddings for a living (like we do) for the benefit of google rankings – not you! So please believe us when we say most of the advice on these ‘wedding blog sites’ is nonsense.

We’ve seen group shot lists as long as the bible come out of these so-called ‘expert’ sites and anyone who actually works at a wedding knows that time is tight and organising formal group shots is like herding cats! So sure, listen to them and do every single conceivable combination of cousin with best friend and best friend’s parents (one with hats and another without) if you want to spend hours of your wedding day grinning at a camera for photos you’ll ultimately never use for anything… But by the time you’re finished believe us when we say your smile will have turned to a grimace worthy of any funny meme… (“More cheese Gromit?”)

Oh and don’t get us started on the ‘creatives’ suggestions.  The heart-shaped fingers over the back of the groom’s neck?  ‘Bride looking over shoulder’ at sunset… Running through the fields of wheat?!  Come on! This is your wedding and you’ve hired a photographer whom you trust to make you look amazing in ‘real moments’, not contrived fantasies.  But if you want a social media viral picture of ‘bride tries to look epic and fails’ in your wedding album then go ahead and list the wedding blog suggestions from the non-experts on the must have list…

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Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Best-of-2018-Blog-Posts-Kent-Wedding-Photography-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-48 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

3. Weird ceremony lighting

Unfortunately, many brides and grooms come to end up hating their wedding ceremony photos, and this usually down to terrible venue lighting – there’s nothing worse than bad lighting at a wedding ceremony.  The main reason being, there’s incredibly little your photographer can do about it.

Bad lighting comes in two forms, either placing the Bride & Groom (or others) right by a window on a sunny day so shafts of light flow in over-exposing precisely 40% of bride & groom’s torso. Or the venue light bulbs are too dark/bright and a harsh tungsten yellow or fluorescent purple against either the sunny white or cloudy blue coloured light streaming in through the windows or skylight.

There’s also the possibility that in their infinite wisdom the venue have chosen to install spotlights on you in the ceremony, or on your cake for the cake cutting.  The effect this spotlight is to make your wedding day photos look like you and your cake are caught in a shaft of light as you are abducted by aliens at night in a dark room.  So awesome. Let the picture comment section jokes begin…

The only way to know if this is going to happen to you is when choosing your venue to follow our advice and make sure to see ‘full’ weddings that take place in doors in bright weather and dark.

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Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Best-of-2018-Blog-Posts-Kent-Wedding-Photography-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-357 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

4. Wedding day wardrobe malfunctions

It’s important to work with your wedding dress shop to find the perfect dress for you – but make sure it’s a dress that looks amazing even after you’ve been wearing it for longer than the twenty minutes you might typically do when trying it on.  Sitting down, walking, twisting, raising your arms – check you can do all these things lest you look like a shop mannequin of walking-dead-zombie in your wedding photos.  Speak with your bridal shop who will have the tips & tricks for both putting on the dress but also wearing it for a whole wedding day

5. Nakedness and Vulgarity

Parties, alcohol, lads, ladettes… These are the unique ingredients for nakedness and vulgarity at your wedding party.  Do remember, though, these photos will last a lifetime and will be viewed by generations to come.  It may be funny in Ibiza, but your family will be less than impressed if many photos are simply undeliverable and you receive far less photos of your wedding day than you might like.

Oh and we’re seeing more and more harassment creeping back in towards female photographers – and do remember that it may be you’re party but it’s their place of work, and lewd comments/flashing/sexism/touching are not acceptable in any work place, even if that workplace is your wedding.


6. Unsightly Bulges

No we’re not talking about lucky bride and bridesmaids with well endowed partners! We’re talking about mobile phones, keys, wallets, etc… in pockets that become unsightly bulges in men’s trousers.  As well as making for awful photos in general, it’s not uncommon for those unsightly bulges to get commented upon when they go online.  So if you want people talking about your fabulous wedding, and not “Is that Fred’s …..whatsit….?!?!” – then make sure men know not to stuff their pockets!

Secret-Gardens-Wedding-Photography-Kent-Nic-Michael-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-48 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

7. The Sea of Mobile Phone Screens

On the subject of mobile phones, we see more and more wedding albums ruined by mobile-fever.  Seas of mobile phones in the audience and blocking the bride as she comes down the aisle are becoming the norm rather than the exception.

We’ve written an entire blog post on the solution to this problem (see below our article on the unplugged wedding – it’s a ‘thing’) and we encourage all our clients to consider this very seriously lest they see crappy photos spread across social media before the professional ones arrive – spoiling the memories.

CLICK HERE to see why an ‘unplugged’ wedding could be the perfect solution for your wedding day

8. Forget the ‘London Look’ – We Live In the Era of the ‘Oompa Loompa Look’

Yes we get it, you want to look absolutely fabulous on your wedding day!  Who wouldn’t?! And we’ve seen many brides go on crash diets or whatnot before their wedding day.  But one thing you must avoid at all costs unless you want your wedding photos to go viral (for all the wrong reasons) is the over tanned oompa loompa look!

Whether it’s the tanning salon, the 10 hours a day under the sun on the hen-do in Magggalloooofff, or the sun beds… If you end up looking orange when you are stood next to your Casper-ghost-white groom in your wedding photos, you must be prepared for the Instagram comments and facebook messages that won’t be as positive as you might hope…

Kent-Wedding-Photographer-Best-of-2018-Blog-Posts-Kent-Wedding-Photography-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-523 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

9. “You can Photoshop that, yeah?”

Yes we can, but often the best solution is to get it right in camera.  Whether it’s moving the chair or car from the shot, or wearing a wedding dress that suits the look you are going for – these solutions are millions of times better than the ‘skinny tool’ or ‘object removal’ in photoshop that are a poor substitute for real life.

What’s worse, if your photographer doesn’t have all the necessary skills – or you are asking too much, those photoshop edits may look so fake that eeeeveryone will tell what happened – and you may end up of a “top ten wedding photoshop fails” before you know it!

10. Falling at the final hurdle – posting poor quality wedding images online!

It’s in everyone’s interests that your photos look fabulous everywhere they are viewed, but unfortunately facebook and other social media sites have a tendency to destroy image quality on upload if you’re not careful.  You may have avoided all the above problems and received the most amazing wedding photos ever, but all this will be undone when facebook shows a pixelated crappy version of your final piece of art!  What’s more, if your images have already been edited properly, then layering yet another filter on top of them may end up making them look ridiculous.

Check out our blog below for the best way to share your fantastic wedding images online without botching the quality and opening yourself to social media backlash.

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 Secret-Gardens-Wedding-Photography-Kent-Nic-Michael-www.MykeyDay-Photography.com-81 A Wedding Industry Insiders Guide Avoiding Wedding Photos That Your Friends Will Make Fun Of On Facebook

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