17 Rules For Your Wedding Guests

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Weddings in Kent and beyond are often plagued by stressed brides who have regretted inviting certain people or who have suffered with family and guests and their bad behaviour. If you’re brave – we’re daring you to print out this (tongue-in-cheek) list and e-mail all your wedding guests today 😉

17 Rules For Your Wedding Guests

  1. Don’t Get in the Photographer’s Way

There’s a reason we put this one first! So you have a nice camera? Done a few courses? Want to get into wedding photography yourself? Maybe you have 100 like of your facebook photography page? Sorry to say this, but you’re still not hired for this gig I’m afraid… Let the professionals get on with the job your friends have hired them to do!

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  1. Put that iPad away!

Who even brings an iPad for photos anyway? iPhone cameras are just as good, if not better in most cases. That giant expensive shiny tablet sticking out into the aisle is just going to ruin the proper photos I’m afraid…

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  1. No Children Means… No Children!

Sooooo, if we ask for no children – it’s because we mean NO CHILDREN! If you check your invitation, their names are not included, and there’s a reason for that….

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  1. Don’t Wear White

Yeah there’s one person arriving here today who is going to look amazing in white – please don’t clash with the main event 😉

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  1. Do Not Touch the Seating Plan

Sit where you’re told to! Couples spend a lot of time and effort arranging the seating plan for the wedding breakfast, and there’s always a reason people have been placed where they have. Please respect this, even if you’re sat next to uncle Jeff 😛

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  1. Be A Gracious Guest

So you don’t like the food on offer? Well guess what! You’re not paying for it! The couple have spent a lot of money on this meal, and even gone to the trouble of asking you to rsvp your food choice for the meal. If you change your mind on the day – no-one will think well of you!

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  1. RSVP – ASAP

So we’ve asked for your RSVP in your wedding invitation to be back by a certain date because planning a wedding can be a NIGHTMARE! But if you know your answer, you don’t need to wait until the last minute, let us know as soon as possible, and help your friends out!

  1. Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean

If you RSVP that you’re coming, we’re now spending a lot of money on you being here – so it’d be kind of nice if you could actually be here to enjoy! Likewise, if your RSVP that you can’t make it, please don’t mosey along to our ceremony (even if you bring an awesome gift), and expect your name to be on the door. Just come to the reception (and bring the awesome gift).

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  1. Like The Adverts Say – Drink Responsibly

So we want you to have fun! But…. not too much fun right? This is a special day celebrating our love together, not opening night in Ibiza! If there’s tears, sick, or fists, then you’ve had too much. Please kindly remember this night is about us, and not your drunken attempts to get Sarah’s wedding guest friend to notice you.

Oh and, if you spoil our lovely engagement guest book with drunken rude comments, your life won’t be worth living 😉

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  1. Black Is For Funerals

Wearing black was traditionally a way to protest against the marriage, so unless you secretly hate your friends (or you secretly wish it was you marrying the bride), let’s see some more jovial and colourful choices, mmmkay?


  1. Switch Your Phone Off

So we have a few horror stories after many years of weddings – and our favourite has to be whenever the bride or groom is about to say “I do” to the most important question of their lives and BOOM “Whooooo let the dogs out?!?!”

Oh and FYI, your vibrate function on ‘silent’ will also sound like a jackhammer in that quiet solemn moment – so yeah – turn it off….

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  1. Hats Off To The Lovely Couple

If you’re going to wear a 3 story high beautiful hat with trailing material and gorgeous blue velvet – do remember that behind you there will be at least 15 people who now can’t see anything of the ceremony.

Unless you’re sitting at the back, and well, maybe your flagrant hat wearing to occasions like this is the reason why…

  1. Bring Confetti

So confetti is one of those things nobody brings, because they assume everyone else will bring it. Don’t be ‘that guy’. Bring confetti, and make it biodegradable because you love the environment too ey?

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  1. Leave The DJ Alone

There’s a reason we hired a professional DJ, and there’s also a reason we sat with him and went through the playlist. And that reason, very specifically, is that your taste is music sucks! So please leave Mr. DJ alone and let him do what he does best, and you can do what you do best. Which I think is that weird move on the dance floor you always do that you think rocks but everyone else thinks looks like the ‘chicken dance’, right?

  1. Ignore All Of The Above

So yeah, we’re actually joking about most of these – and these things very rarely happen at weddings in the real world. The most important rule of all:


Please have fun with us on our wedding day!!!!!!!!

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