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About Us

Are you looking for a wedding photographer who will capture every detail of your day in as memorable and artistic a way as possible? Are fantastic images that document your day an important part of your wedding? Would you like a personalised service tailored to your wishes?

A Special Day Deserves Special Photography

Mykey Day Photography is an established wedding photography studio with many years experience,  catering for those couples looking for top-level photography and high-class premium products to remember the most important day of their lives.  Mykey Day Photography is a service above and beyond the average wedding photography experience

We have shot in many top venues in the South-East and beyond, as well as weddings abroad in Rome, Paris, Crete, Cyprus, Ibiza, and across Europe.

Our collections come with a host of options, including handmade Italian leather wedding albums, engagement sessions, second photographer, and a whole lot more.

While our primary speciality is wedding, boudoir, engagements and couples photography, we are commissioned on a regular basis for fashion photography and modelling assignments by various companies and magazines.

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A few facts about Mykey:

  • Mykey HATES having his picture taken (and yes, he is fully aware of the irony!)
  • Mykey can reach 64.2 MPH on a snowboard.
  • Mykey holds advanced black belts in Olympic Taekwondo, Iaijutsu, and ITF Taekwondo.
  • Mykey has played guitar live on stage with Green Day.
  • Famous people Mykey has taken snaps of include:  Ellie Goulding, Black Lab, Danny John-Jules (Red Dwarf), Moon Dae-Sung (Olympic Gold Medallist in Taekwondo), Dan Andriano (of Alkaline Trio).
  • He is a huge fan of Star Trek, and has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of everything Trek (test him).
  • Languages he speaks:  English and Spanish, (with passable Korean and Italian too)
  • Mykey almost died in an accident when living in Spain in 2010 and spent two years learning to walk again, this is what sparked Mykey to start his own business in 2012, following his passion in Photography.
    • Bonus Fact: Mykey almost married the Spanish nurse who looked after him in the hospital.
  • Mykey’s favourite computer games are X-com, Doom, and Wing Commander.

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